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Founded in 1993, Admiral insurance has steadily grown over the years to become one of the biggest insurance companies in the UK. Even though it is based in the UK, it has operations in many other countries including Canada and India. Its rapid growth over the years has been anchored on great prices and excellent and wide ranging products it offers such as home insurance, travel insurance, pet insurance and most importantly, car insurance. Its car insurance has consistently been ranked by customers as one of the best car insurance products in the UK. Apart from great products, the company's success can also be attributed to top notch customer service. In the insurance industry, how you handle your customer is just as important in the success of the company as the products offered. That is why the company places a high premium not just on their products but also on Admiral customer services. Here is a look at some common problems and questions Admiral's customers contact it for help and the various ways they can use to contact the company.

Calls cost £0.07 per minute, plus your phone company’s access charge. Check with your provider because access charges vary from company to company, and calls from mobiles may cost considerably more. We provide a call connection service, more details available on Ofcom's website.

If you would prefer to call Admiral directly, here are some of the departments you may wish to contact.

Customer Services0333 220 2000
Get a Quote0333 220 2084
Renew your Policy0333 222 6715
Claims0333 220 2033
24 Hour Breakdown Assistance0800 600 840
Involved in an accident with an Admiral Policyholder0333 220 2047
Windscreen Claims & Repairs0333 220 2025
Standalone Breakdown Cover0800 458 9280

Reasons for calling Admiral

There are many reasons that may prompt a customer to contact Admiral. Here is a look at some of them.

Slow pace of processing a claim

Once it receives a claim, the company endeavours to make its processing as fast as possible. However, sometimes the processing may be slow for various reasons. Such reasons include delayed investigations by the company for cases such as car theft, large number of claims and missing of vital information needed in the processing of a customer's claim. If you feel that your claim is taking a lot of time to process it is important that you contact the company's customer care staff for an explanation.

Renewal quotes

Admiral Insurance reserves the right to make changes to the premiums it charges its customers. Every year it revises the premiums either upwards or downwards based on factors such as changes in the frequency of certain incidents, changes in government policy and changes in the economic outlook. That is why a customer sometimes finds that their quote has increased by a certain percentage when their policy is renewed. Some have even seen their quotes increase by 100% despite having made no claims in the preceding year. If your quote increases that drastically then you may find it worthwhile to contact the company for an explanation.

Delays in cancelling insurance policy

There are various reasons that may prompt a customer to sell their insurance policy with Admiral. Some of them include selling of one's car or finding a cheaper insurance company. When a customer requests the company to cancel their policy, Admiral insurance strives to make the cancellation as fast as possible. However, if you feel the cancellation is taking more time than expected you can contact them and request faster processing of the cancellation.

Making a claim

When it comes to making a claim after an incident such as your vehicle getting stolen, the sooner you report the incident the better. In incidents such car theft, the company cannot process your claim if you report the incident more than 48 hours after its occurrence. Apart from ensuring that your claim is successful, early reporting also allows the company to process your claim quickly.

Automatic renewals

As explained above, sometimes the company revises its premiums upwards for various reasons. When such an increase happens, some customers may want to move to another company that charges a lower fee. Unfortunately, sometimes the company automatically renews the insurance by deducting the charged amount directly from their customer's bank account if they have their bank account details. If such a thing happens, it is advisable that the customer contacts the company so that they reach a solution to the problem.

How to contact Admiral

Admiral has invested in various communication methods to enable customers to reach it fast and conveniently. Here is a look at some of these methods.

Making a telephone call

Making a telephone call to the company elicits the fastest response from the Admiral's customer care staff. Since the company offers many products, each product has its own customer service number. For instance, the Admiral car insurance contact number is 0333 220 2033 for single car policy and 0333 220 2085 for multi-car policy. However, you don't need to save all these numbers. The most important number is the Admiral contact number for its customer care department (0333 220 2000). When you dial this Admiral insurance phone number the company's customer care agents will answer your general questions on various services of the company. For anything specific they will connect you to the appropriate department. For instance, if you question or complaint regarding your single car insurance policy, they will instantly connect you to the department that handles such cases. All of the company's customer care numbers are operational 24-7.

Social media

Admiral Insurance understands the value of social media in not only marketing its services but also handling customer questions and complains. That is has a highly active social media presence especially on twitter and facebook. Customers can contact the company using its twitter account found on or its facebook page on The company maintains such an active presence on social media that questions or complaints lodged via twitter and facebook often take less than five minutes before they are addressed. Perhaps only phone calls elicit faster responses.

Admiral's help center

Most of the questions customers have about the company's services are answered on the company's website Its Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section has answers to most of the questions that customers usually have regarding the company's services.

Even though the company has put a lot of effort and money in ensuring that its products and services meet the expectations of customers, once in a while problems arise that need the company's attention. Fortunately for customers, the company has a top notch customer service department to handle problems raised by customers as fast as possible. If you have any problem, don't hesitate to use any of the methods discussed above to contact the company's customer service staff for help.

Admiral Opening Hours

DayOpening Hours
8am - 10pm
8am - 10pm
8am - 10pm
8am - 10pm
8am - 10pm
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9am - 6pm

Admiral Head Office address

Admiral Insurance Group
1, Langdon Road
Swansea Waterfront
United Kingdom

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