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Trying to get in touch with Parcelforce can be confusing. It's a big company, with a lot of different departments and not all of them seem to talk to each other. Finding the best way to get in touch with Parcelforce customer services so that your issue gets resolved as quickly as possible is tricky. You might think it's as simple as calling the Parcelforce contact number, but this isn't always the fastest way to get your issue resolved. This article will explain all the different ways to get in touch with Parcelforce as well as the best way to get your problem resolved, such as if you want to make a complaint.

If you would prefer to call Parcelforce directly, here are some of the departments you may wish to contact.

Calls cost £0.07 per minute, plus your phone company’s access charge. Check with your provider because access charges vary from company to company, and calls from mobiles may cost considerably more. We provide a call connection service, more details available on Ofcom's website.

If you would prefer to call Parcelforce directly, here are some of the departments you may wish to contact.

Parcelforce Customer Services0344 800 4466
Parcelforce Worldwide0344 800 4466
Parcelforce tracking0344 800 4466
Parcelforce 480344 800 4466
Parcelforce 240344 800 4466
Parcelforce depots0344 800 4466
Parcelforce claims0344 800 4466
Parcelforce delivery0344 800 4466
Parcelforce collection0344 800 4466
Parcelforce international0344 800 4466
Parcelforce express0344 800 4466

Different ways of contacting Parcelforce customer services

Parcelforce offers a whole variety of options when it comes to getting in touch. It's meant to make themselves more accessible to customers, but unfortunately it can come across as confusing sometimes. The way you use each method can be radically different and most of the time companies assign separate staff to the different methods, such that each department can be more used to dealing with a certain type of query. Below are all the different ways you can get in touch with Parcelforce, plus a brief explanation of the best use case for each method.

Parcelforce website - Parcelforce's own website not only contains all the ways to contact them in this list (some more hidden than others), but it also contains an online form you can use to get in touch. It's rather hidden away and easy to miss, unfortunately. It makes you fill out quite a lot of different fields to get in touch which can be a pain, but if the phone department is closed or you don't want to call it's your best option. It's best used for long, specific issues, such as lodging a complaint, that you don't want made public.

Facebook - Like most companies, Parcelforce is on social media and you can use it to get in touch. Posting on their page is simple to do, but just remember that if you post on their wall it can be read by anyone. This can be very tempting to do if you're looking to complain and believe the company has treated you poorly, but you can also send them a message privately. It's recommended that you get in touch privately at least initially and give the company a chance to address your issues, because you never know what may come down to a simple misunderstanding.

Twitter - Parcelforce is also on Twitter and is another way you can get in touch. You can tweet to them, which once again is visible to the public and can be read by anyone, or you can direct message them. Twitter isn't really the best place to lodge a complaint. If you're tweeting at them then the 140 character limit is stifling. Direct messaging doesn't have this restriction, but you're limited in only being able to attach images and videos to your messages. This means that if you wanted to upload specific documents, such as a .pdf packing slip, you're better off using email. Twitter is great for short, impersonal queries. Tweeting at a company with a question will usually result in a fairly quick response.

Parcelforce contact number

You can get in touch with Parcelforce UK by calling 0344 800 4466. There is also a Parcelforce helpline available for Welsh speakers by calling 0344 800 5550. This is the preferred method of contact for most personal queries if you want your issue solved quickly, but unless you are calling for a personal matter like lodging a complaint then it's not ideal. You will most likely have to wait in a queue, which can be tedious, so if you're only looking to ask a question which can be answered elsewhere then calling is not ideal. Do note that the Parcelforce phone number is not freephone, so your calls will be charged at the standard rate and you may end up paying more if calling from a mobile phone.

How to lodge a complaint with Parcelforce

One of the most likely reasons that you want to get in touch with Parcelforce is if you want to file a complaint. Perhaps a parcel you were expecting has not been delivered, or it has arrived damaged. You are entitled to compensation in each situation, but you need to be pro-active and get in touch. You can get in touch using any of the methods listed above, but some methods are better than others for complaints.

Social media is not recommended if you wish to lodge a complaint. Instead, it's recommended that you get in touch either over the phone or by email. Phone is recommended if the Parcelforce helpline is open, because it's the fastest way to get a response or start an investigation. Sending an email is good if you need to add corroborating evidence to a complaint, such as a photo of a damaged parcel, but there's no way of knowing how soon you will get a response. Of course, making a phone call will most likely cost you money as they do not offer a freephone number, so email is ideal if you are not willing to pay.

Parcelforce offers many different ways of getting in touch, whether you wish to lodge a complaint or just make a general enquiry. The type of query you have means that some of these methods are better than others, but hopefully you will now have all the information you need in order to lodge your complaint or answer your question as fast as possible. Sometimes the Parcelforce contact number is the best way to get in touch, but other times there are faster (and cheaper) methods. Knowing all of the different options at your disposal and what each one is best suited for is the key to resolving your issue as quickly as possible.

Parcelforce Opening Hours

DayOpening Hours
8am - 7pm
8am - 7pm
8am - 7pm
8am - 7pm
8am - 7pm
8.30am - 5pm
9am - 5pm

Parcelforce Head Office contact address

Parcelforce Headquarters UK
25 Caldecotte Lake Drive,
Milton Keynes,

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Parcelforce contact us page

Parcelforce e-mail address

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